March 01, 2006


Oh man. All I want to do is eat a snack! There are snacks every where in my office. There is a giant jar of jelly belly's in the kitchen, next to a bowl of licorice, next to a bowl of spicy peanuts. It's killing me!! Especially since I ate a small meatless lunch. We are out of bottled water at the office and I just found out we aren't getting our next shippment of water until Friday!!! Argh!! So I'm drinking an apple juice. Don't hate me Baby Jesus! Please!!

I was already up to 50 cents by 9am

So today begins Lent. For the past couple years I've been gathering up a dime for each swear word I use during Lent, and then I donate it at the end. This year I've up'd the ante to a quarter per swear word. And since I had already dropped the S-bomb twice this morning getting ready for work, you can see I'm off to a great start. By Easter, I should be broke and the poor should be rich. I also decided that another thing I'm going to do during this Lent is some amount of exercise each morning. Today I decided to do ten push-ups. I was on three and I was certain I wasn't going to make it to the end but with the power of our lord and savior Jesus Christ, I persevered. :-D Remarkably, that little episode was not responsible for any of the swearing this morning.

Tonight I'm headed out to the burbs. My Godmother, Jane's husband passed away and the wake is tonight. :-( Afterward I'm headed to Ash Wednesday mass with my parents at St. Alexander's. My mom will be up signing during the mass.