January 31, 2006

OMG I hate the spammers

I just deleted something like 1400 trackbacks and likely as many comments. Will they never stop? I have gone so far now as to put the pattern "http:.." into mt-blacklist. This is lame. At least this puts a temporary stop to it (at the cost that no one can leave a comment that links to anything at all.) Well... until the spammers can some how figure how to link to something without putting http:// infront of it. I have no doubt that they will be successful in coming up with something.

April 05, 2005

beyond words

I just dumped over 230 trackback pings and probably just as many comments that were all spam. This is just fucking retarded. Seriously what the hell. I hate these people.

Anyway last night sucked. It would have been really sweet if Illinois could have won but oh well. At least the Cubs won opening day with a blowout over Arizona. Go Ramirez!

I have yet to blog about The Get Up Kids. Still trying to find the words.

February 16, 2005

mass ip-banning

Well my efforts have done little so far stop the trackback spam on the posts I have not disabled pings on. Sigh. There were 23 new trackback spams so far today. Fortunately for my sanity I crafted a nice little SQL statement for mass-banning all the trackback IPs:
    INSERT INTO mt_ipbanlist
    (ipbanlist_blog_id, ipbanlist_ip, ipbanlist_created_on, ipbanlist_modified_on)
    SELECT 1, tbping_ip, NOW(), NOW() FROM mt_tbping
So I just run that, then empty the mt_tbping table, and rebuild the site. You may be saying to yourself, "but Paul, that would delete all trackbacks including legit ones!" And to that I say, that's fine because so far I haven't had a single legit trackback. Like I said earlier, no one reads this site...except apparently spiders run by spammers. I guess I'll just have to keep repeating this endless cycle until I've banned every single hacked winblows box. Or until I upgrade to MT 3.x which allows me to moderate trackbacks etc.

February 15, 2005


So Google has done good in helping to fight this moronic comment/trackback spam. Basically any link that contains rel="nofollow" attribute will be ignored by Google for page ranking. So you set up your blog to have any trackbacks or comments add the attribute to any contained links. Now they will do nothing for weight on Google and other search engines. And Six Apart makes a simple enough plugin you can install that enables this for all comments and trackbacks in Moveable Type. Thank god for that. I hope these spammers keep a running list of sites they hit that have added the attribute so they stop posting comments on my blog altogether. Because if they do keep adding comments and trackbacks, it will at least stop helping their page ranking, but it still won't help my sanity, because after all they will STILL be posting. There were three more trackbacks today. I added those IPs to the block list. And I've installed the plugin. I guess we'll see how it goes.

February 14, 2005

i will never visit an online casino

So I easily spent an hour this morning deleting trackbacks and disabling pings on all my posts because of the spawn of satan online casino's and their damn blog spam. What irritated me the most was that this time it wasn't comment spam. It was trackback spam! The problem with this is in MT's summary page where it lists the most recent trackbacks, the link takes you to the linked page instead of the entry with the trackback attached, so I had to go post by post and remove them. Or at least I did for about an hour, and then I said screw it and resorted to removing them out of the MySQL database backend directly and just hitting rebuild all. I also added all the IPs to the internal ip-ban list. I'm curious how much of a dent it will really make. Based on the 52 IPs I've entered, I'm guessing that these aren't actually machines owned by these online casinos, but that they are unpatched windows boxes that have been rooted by whatever windows virus/worm and they are doing all the work. So banning an IP doesn't really do anything because there are millions of boxes out there they can utilize. This shite really makes me mad. I really want to sue somebody. Of course I'm not the only one having to deal with trackback spam. There has got to be an easier way to do this. I don't want to have to disable comments or trackbacks, but if this continues I may have to. It's just not worth my time, especially since no one reads this anyway.

August 08, 2004

upgraded movable type

Well after spending an hour removing junk comments, I upgraded to MT 2.661. Let's see if that has any impact on comment spam.

April 05, 2004

damn blog spammers

I just spent the last hour removing all the spam comments throughout my blog. Damn that was lame. I really want to kill these assholes. So I guess from no on there will be no more comments on my site. Only trackbacks. Why does everytime some useful technology has to take hold, these fuckers have to come in and ruin it. Sigh.

May 29, 2003

it climbs up and up

It's getting worse. I received 154 pieces of spam yesterday out of 159 total emails. That is like a 1:31 signal to noise ratio. I wonder if there is a defined standard somewhere that says that some ratio is the point at which signal becomes useless because there is too much noise. I wonder. You know, if I didn't have Apple's to filter all the junk out for me I think I would just go insane. It will be interesting to see if the number increases today and then keeps on increasing or if it's more of a bell curve over the week and it will be slower on the weekends. I will keep you posted.

May 28, 2003

spam revelation

139 junk emails yesterday. So compared to the 102 from Monday, I guess it was considered a holiday after all. Only three more PT appointments left. I asked Larry what his thoughts on the Bowflex were and he said that if you are going to buy a machine that is the only one worth it's weight. So that is about as good of an endorsement as I think one can get so I guess I'm going to go ahead and get one.

May 27, 2003

smothered by spam

So I finally got around to checking my email account after reformating and reinstalling my Beige G3 a few weeks ago. I had over 4000 new emails in my inbox. I would venture to say at least 3500 of them were spam. Probably more. This is becoming epidemic. I received another 102 junk emails over the course of today. Memorial day...102 junk emails on Memorial day. What the fuck!? Don't these assholes ever take a day off?

April 17, 2003

almost online

Tried to send an email to my mother today. I have configured to send mail out through exim running on my Debian box at home on my Comcast (formerly AT&T Broadband) cable modem. This is what I got back in return:

SMTP error from remote mailer after initial connection:
host []: 550-The IP address you are using to connect to AOL is either open to
550-the free relaying of e-mail, is serving as an open proxy, or is a
550-dynamic (residential) IP address. AOL cannot accept further e-mail
550-transactions from your server until either your server is closed to
550-free relaying/proxy, or your ISP removes your IP address from their
550-list of dynamic IP addresses. For additional information,
550-please visit
550 Goodbye

I read about this the other day on /.. This is so stupid. My box is not an open relay and I have had the same IP address for over two years. Dumb.

April 03, 2003


I'd say the April Fools joke is on anyone who calls up that number. Plus what the fuck good is it sending me this spam on the 3rd when April Fools day was two days ago.

From: Tommy <>
Date: Thu Apr 3, 2003 4:45:27 AM America/Chicago

=============APRIL FOOLS PRANK==============

==New Features==

# Voice recognition! (live feedback from victims response).
# 17 Different pranks to play on your mates.
# Call back feature (call back your victim if they hang up).
# Listen in to the prank as your victim is wound up.


1 Dial 0906 664 1901 (Dial 09067 380 080 for the original service)
2 Select the prank
3 Enter your victims phone number
4 Listen to their reaction as the computer dials out to them!

Calls to 09067 380 080 cost one pound per minute. Calls to 0906 664 1901 cost one pound and fifty pence per minute. Service provider: TPX 0871 872 3731. This email was sent from outside the UK. You are not on any distribution list which is controlled by the service provider. Promotion code: bmhanl

March 19, 2003

this is great

It's too bad that many people will probably become aware of this scam (archived) very quickly now that it had made it's way to MSNBC. Damn. I like the idea of stupid people doing stupid things and then getting punished for it. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. We really need to stop babying the morons of the world.

February 22, 2003

that must have been some party

Got this in the mail tonight. Wow I must have been really wasted at Mary's party because I don't remember any of this. Didn't think I ever gave out my majordomo email address. But thank god JP remembered me and it's good to know Jerry is thinking of me after all these years. Too bad to hear about Willis though...

From: "Joseph Pugnalsi III" <>
Date: Fri Feb 21, 2003 4:14:29 AM America/Chicago
To: <>
Subject: "Touching base"

To Bill Garbin,

Hello, this is Joseph Pugnalsi, haven't heard from you for a while, is this still the same e-mail address? Last time we talked was what.. Mary's party? I hope I got the address right! :-).. Jerry Brockheimer mentioned you might know something about estate handling and wills -- I've got a friend who is in dire need of assistance with his, he has been acting quite lagubrious (spelling?) lately. Things have been okay here. My contact information is still the same, or just contact me back at this e-mail address instead of calling me. Not even sure if this is the right guy, if it isn't, let me know.

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