August 25, 2004

we got one d.w.g.

Took my mom to the Cubs game today. It was her first time in the bleachers. The picture above is the panoramic shot I took with my camera phone from where we were sitting. Pretty sweet. You take three shots and it merges them together. Any way it was a swell day for Corey Patterson. Got to watch him make a great catch early in the game and then of course the two-run homer in the ninth to win the game. Fantastic!

August 24, 2004

heading to wrigley tomorrow

Rick's desk has been molested"The city has conducted enough inspections of Wrigley Field by now that they should be satisfied we are not printing a newspaper here." -- Andy MacPhail, Chicago Cubs President and CEO

August 23, 2004

the cubs get it done tonight

Taco Bell from a last weekThat was just a great catch by Corey tonight. I can't wait to go to the game this Wednesday with my mom. This is going to be her first game in the bleachers. I also convinced her to take the early train in so we can watch batting practice. Schweeet.

The Olympics are fantastic. I was up early Sunday morning to take my sister to O'hare and I didn't go back to sleep. The Olympics were just too good. Oh man how about that women's marathon? Wow! Not only did I cry before the race when they were doing the story on the history of the women's marathon in the Olympics, but then I was also crying when Deena Castor was running the final straight-away in tears. Oh man I'm such a cry-baby. But good god damn that was amazing. Getting to watch her come up from 19th place and then finish the bronze. Just amazing.

Fruit punch from Taco BellI'm watching the men's high-bar event right now. Why so much controversy? Too bad Paul Hamm didn't in the gold, but I have to say that Igor Cassina's routine was more impressive, but then he didn't stick his landing as well as Paul. I'm torn on whether I think they should have given it to Paul or Igor. Really just some lameness with that whole changing of the score nonsense.

Speaking of lameness. I am very disappointed with NBC's HD coverage of the Olympics. Yeah yeah it's all beautiful, but why does it have to be delayed a day? And why do they pick just two events of the day and then loop it over and over again. So after four hours you've seen everything already, and of course if you watched on NBC SD the day before, then you saw it even before that. And fuck what is with the reject announcers? Why can't they just use the same announcers as the regular broadcast? I guess it's so that every five minutes one of them can say, "and you are watching the Olympics in high def on NBC." Fucking lame-ass. I want Bob Costas. That is the worst part of all. How can you have the Olympics without Bob Costas. New Taco Bell mascot, CharlotteThe only redeeming quality is the lack of commercials, well...unless you count the Sony Wega commercial that they play every single break, mixed in with commericials for NBC's two new shows. And don't forget the stunning fly-bys of Athens that are repeated over and over and over and over and over and over again. NBC, you can suck my fat one.

August 09, 2004

but baseball ain't over

Went to Taco Bell for lunch today with Steve and Mike. Grabbed the handle on the door to open it and it felt kinda slimy so I decided I should wash my hands in the bathroom. As I was washing my hands I just so happened to look over to my left to see that somebody out there must be following that "...if it's yellow let it mellow" motto.

On the way home tonight I hit the big 60K on with my Eclipse. So you get two pictures today. As you can see from the picture, I wasn't going very fast. Mmm love that reverse-commute traffic.

When I did finally get home, I was pleasantly surprised to see that ABC has done a pretty decent job presenting Monday Night football in high def. I hope that Fox gets a clue watching this and be able to execute with HD for their football broadcasts this year. If the MLB All-Star game is any insight into what Fox's HD sports programming is going to be like, I won't be very excited to watch football on Fox. They completely dropped the ball for the All-Star game. True it was widescreen, but it was not high def. It was grainy and crappy and had the same crappy edgying that they have on regular baseball broadcasts. Just pathetic. ESPN had the Homerun Derby in HD. Why the fuck can't Fox broadcast the game in it? Just fucking retarded.

April 30, 2004

the come back

Got a Quake demo for ya. Go ahead and download thecomeback.dem.

This is the match I played against Steve at work tonight. He had me beat 10 to 0 with less than seven minutes left in the game, but I managed to pull it together and beat him 12 to 11 in the end. Good times.

In other news, Deadwood rocks! I can't believe they killed off Wild Bill. I jumped off my couch when it happened. Wow.

And also, what the fuck was up with the Cubs tonight. How do you have the game tied, two outs in the bottom of the ninth, pitching against the Cards with the bases loaded, ahead in the pitch count 2-0, and THEN WALK IN A RUN TO LOSE THE GAME ON FOUR STRAIGHT PITCHES?!?! WHAT THE FUCK!?

October 12, 2003

too bad condos don't have backyards

Maybe I should buy house instead of a condo. Then I could put this in the backyard. The pitching machine it comes with lugs fast-balls at up to 104 mph, along with curve-balls and sliders. I could erect a giant flood light so I could go batting at night. So sweet. Super sweet!

October 05, 2003

eight more to go

Captured best by IRC:

YOU have joined #clanchat
clock> !
insyder> !!!
insyder> CUBS!
insyder> WIN!!!
pbaker> CUBS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pbaker> !!!!!!!!!!!
pbaker> !
pbaker> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pbaker> !!!!!
pbaker> WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
pbaker> OH MY GOD!!!!
insyder> a;lskdfjla;kdsgjlka
pbaker> CUBS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pbaker> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pbaker> i'm drunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pbaker> CUBS WQIN!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rennard> hahaha

September 30, 2003

why not us


April 07, 2003

na na na na hey hey hey good bye

So long Jerry Krause.