April 27, 2006

TV Better Than Friends?

Every so often someone says something that so perfectly captures what you knew in your head but never before had the words to describe it. On the Adam Carolla show this morning (which I can't listen to in Chicago, but can read about every day thanks to The Adam Carolla Radio Show Blog) such a moment occurred. Adam said that, "relationships fail because people spend too much time together. The world is filled with narcissists who think they have something more interesting to provide than the television. The folks on the TV are professional entertainers, so why leave the house?" While I don't think people shouldn't leave the house, the point is, my favorite shows such as Six Feet Under or South Park or Sopranos are just about the most entertaining things I know. If I had a choice between having friends over to watch the new episode of 24 or yet another night drinking at the bar, I'd choose TV hands down. Not to mention it'd be hella cheaper. But alas watching TV is still generally viewed as "anti-social" while consuming alcohol in poorly lit environments with music too loud to carry on any semblance of a conversation is not. Don't get me wrong, I love to drink. Some people might even call me a beer snob. But drinking has never been the first thing to come to mind when I'm thinking of something fun to do.

February 23, 2006

Media vs Games

Gamers are now considered on par with crack addicts by the news media.

You wanna know why the news media is putting news pieces like this together? Because they are scared. They are losing viewers to video/computer games at a steady rate and it's unlikely stop. God forbid they produced a show worth watching, or when they did actually kept it on the air (ie Firefly) to get us to watch. No instead they have to use scare tactics to try to keep people from playing games and we will have nothing left to do but go back to watching the boob tube.

February 21, 2006

Make Friends With Your Fast

My fast likes the windows down. God I love Volkswagon's new commericals. If I was in the market for a new car I would absolutely be test driving the new GTI from VW. Their new commercial campaign absolutely works for me. I love it! I couldn't find the commercials any where on the Internets so I went ahead and transcoded them off NBCHD tonight during the Olympics. I really want to make friends with my fast.

Sometimes, my fast doesn't get along with my girlfriend.

My fast thinks delivery is for the weak

Sometimes, my fast doesn't get along with my girlfriend

Sweetie, it's really hard for me to enjoy the sound of the engine with all that yackin. (0:28 MP4 3M)

My fast thinks delivery is for the weak

Pickup or delivery? (0:28 MP4 2.9M)

September 02, 2004

love when hdtv rewards me

My Niece + ChocolateThat's right. U2: Rattle & Hum just started on INHD as I type this. So awesome. I miss the old U2. Why did they have to turn all sucky. Such a shame.

Anyway, the picture to the left is of my niece eating chocolate ice cream. So cute.

July 07, 2004

dream come true

Yes! Dream On is finally coming to DVD. I so can not wait. For anyone who doesn't know, Dream On was a comedy series that aired on HBO in the early 90's staring Brian Benben. October can not get here fast enough.

April 30, 2004

the come back

Got a Quake demo for ya. Go ahead and download thecomeback.dem.

This is the match I played against Steve at work tonight. He had me beat 10 to 0 with less than seven minutes left in the game, but I managed to pull it together and beat him 12 to 11 in the end. Good times.

In other news, Deadwood rocks! I can't believe they killed off Wild Bill. I jumped off my couch when it happened. Wow.

And also, what the fuck was up with the Cubs tonight. How do you have the game tied, two outs in the bottom of the ninth, pitching against the Cards with the bases loaded, ahead in the pitch count 2-0, and THEN WALK IN A RUN TO LOSE THE GAME ON FOUR STRAIGHT PITCHES?!?! WHAT THE FUCK!?

November 05, 2003

my future tv

I think I've decided what TV I'm going to buy for my new condo. Toshiba's 57H93 looked especially nice in Best Buy's showroom compared to most of the other TVs there. Picture brightness/range was better than any other TV of it's size. It's also only 24in deep which is skinner than most other projection TVs of any size.

September 23, 2003

24 G5s

Anyone else notice the commercial for 24 that was on during the Emmy's? Keifer had not only a 17in PowerBook on his desk, but also a PowerMac G5 on his credenza. Schwing!

And speaking of the Emmy's. Why do they keep giving everything to Everybody Loves Raymond and The West Wing. Obviously those shows can't be any good if I've never managed to see even one episode of either one. And I watch like six hours of TV a day. You can't tell me that ELR is better than Curb Your Enthusiasm. There is no way.

July 08, 2003

yo adrianne

Congratulations Adrianne!! Yeah so I'm addicted to Top Model on UPN. I have to say I wanted Elyse to win ever since I saw her picture in Stuff. But with her taken out of the running before the very end, definitely Adrianne was my second choice. And being that she's local being from Joliet and all, I can't say I have any complaints. Highly intelligent Elyse is definitely more my type, but Adrianne does appeal to my bad girl desires as well. Shannon is way to California hotty. Too obvious. I'm happy with Adrianne winning. She wanted it more than Elyse too.

April 07, 2003

that rock is hard and cold

I didn't notice it on Sunday, but watching the Six Feet Under encore tonight on HBO2 I noticed that O2 by Sleater-Kinney is playing in the background when Russel is dying Claire's hair. Sweet! This makes what was already a great episode even greater.

I'm having trouble deciding what my favorite scene is. I might be the scene where the big fat guy falls out of the casket and then they drop him trying to pick him back up onto the gurny. Hilarious!

March 30, 2003

brenda is coming back!

Tried to go shopping for some inline skates today. Went to Sportmart. They had one style over $100 from K2. The size 10 seemed to fit well enough, but it really made my right foot hurt and the 11's were too big. Damn. Went over to Galyans. They seemingly had better selection, except that their stock was low and they didn't have any that fit at all. They get a new shipment in on Tuesday. So I guess I'll have to go back then and see if anything fits then.

I'm so excited that Brenda is coming back to Six Feet Under. I can not wait! Unfortunately, I'll have to wait until it airs on Monday since I'm going to The Ataris show tonight at House of Blues. Good times.

March 24, 2003

michael moore is even more of a jackass

So it turns out that Michael Moore is even more of a jackass than I had original thought. Richard Roeper (of Ebert and Roeper) was on Mancow this morning. Turns out that Roeper was at a luncheon with Moore the day before the oscars. He said that Moore he gave the same speech at the luncheon, "word for word, joke for joke, supposed adlib for supposed adlib." As I said before. What a fucking jackass.

michael moore is a jackass

There I said it. Oh yeah, Jack Nicholson and Bono, there are two kinds of people that wear sunglasses indoors...blind people...and assholes.

March 23, 2003

univision chicago - wgbo

Univision, one of the spanish channels in the Chicago-land area has really had some great coverage of the war. As I type this they are showing some rather intense video from Umm Qasr. Much more intense than any of the other stations where they show fairly boring footage.

Another example, I was watching Fox News Channel when they broke the news about the hostage video being broadcast on Al-Jazeera. I flipped to CNN and they were talking about the weather. Flipped to MSNBC and they were talking about some other crap. Flipped to Univision and they were airing the video. It was very poor quality. Don't know if the original source was that bad or if that was just Univision's satellite feed that was bad. I couldn't tell what anyone was saying since I don't speak spanish. So I don't know what was being said. It was fairly disturbing. I didn't really believe it when I was watching it, but I guess now the government is saying that Iraq has captured some of our soldiers. Don't know what to say about that...

...meanwhile, chanting continues in Baghdad.

March 19, 2003

start the war already!

I have MSNBC's live feed from Baghdad in the upper right corner of my screen. I didn't really expect there to be sound. It's very surreal to hear the birds chirping in Iraq. Every few minutes a car will drive down the street visible in the frame. Some of them are very loud and you can hear them well before they are visible. I keep thinking maybe it's the sound of an air strike. Saw a bus drive by once and just now a car honked at the car in front of it. This is pretty wild. I'm glad I finally took the time to watch Live from Baghdad last week. I had been sitting on my Replay TV for quite awhile. It was really great and I think everyone should watch as soon as they get the chance if they haven't yet seen it.

I also watched a great Frontline special on Channel 11 last night that basically detailed everything that has happened with Iraq since Desert Storm. This really is not a sudden thing and has been going on for 12 years. In fact Bill Clinton was very close to going to war with Iraq in 1998. He didn't because his advisors were afraid it wouldn't make him look good. Kinda how people are trying to make Bush look now. So let reiterate this. Clinton holds public appearance over the safety of country and the world. That's good to know. Maybe if he had gone after Iraq in 1998, there never would have been a 9/11 tragedy.

March 03, 2003

real-time with bad comedians

Just finished watching this week's episode of Real-Time with Bill Maher. I like the panel guests and the discussion that takes place. Larry Miller has been great these two weeks. But they have got to get rid of the bad comedy acts. They are really just a waste of time and don't add any worthwhile content to the show. The staff comedian is not funny. I did not laugh once during his "feature", the torture tour of the world. It's not that he was trying to make torture funny, it's just that he was not funny. I have no problem laughing at other people's horrible misfortunes. I do it all the time. The way this guy presented wasn't funny at all. All he does is overstate the obvious while laughing at his own jokes. He's breaking one of the most basic rules of comedy. Don't laugh at your own jokes jack-ass. Perhaps Eric Idle is funny to someone, but that song and dance was just pointless. I much rather would have had another 10 minutes with the panel. HBO,get rid of the comedy acts. They are not fun and add nothing to the show. I don't know how much longer I'm going to put up with them to watch the few precious moments with the panel that they fit in-between. Update: Turns out that it's spelled Eric Idle, not Eric Idol.

February 25, 2003

Bill Maher's head

I'm watching Bill Maher's new show on HBO right now. It's being replayed from it's original broadcast last Friday. Is it just me or does his head seem to be proportionately too large for his body? I don't mean metaphorically "big head" as in big ego. I mean physically his head seems very big to me. Hrmm...

Update: Ann Coulter is hot. I love her. And smart as a button too.

February 21, 2003

that meal was the worst

Came home tonight hoping to cozy up on the couch and watch this weeks episode of 24. Nope! My ReplayTV fucked up again. This is the second 24 episode that it crapped out on recording. Basically when you try to play it, the RTV "locks up" and it just sits on the Replay Guide screen. Eventually at some point it goes to a blank screen. Then after who knows how long, it suddenly starts playing the episode. Only problem is, it's now 40 minutes into it. DAMNIT DAMNIT DAMNIT!!! I love 24. I don't want to put up with this shit. I think I'm going to sell my ReplayTV on eBay and get a Tivo instead.

Since I couldn't watch 24 I decided to set up Movable Type on my website. Not too hard to set up, but I'm surprised they don't write some kind of install script to do it for people. Certainly easier than any other web apps I've tried to install. I also broke up and inserted all the old news on my website and my slashdot journal entries into the archive.

October 28, 2002

don't go, send a gift

Sopranos was good again. I don't know whether I'm supposed to want Adrianna and Chris to get married or not. I mean...she loves Chris and really doesn't want to lose him so part of me wants them to be together, but then the other half of me wants her to get out of there because he is just spiralling out of control and is treating her like shit. Curb your Enthusiasm is quickly becoming my favorite show. God it just gets funnier and funnier every time I watch it. When he blew the wistle to get the dog while running to the car...I was on the floor.

Firefly was very great. I think this was probably the best episode yet and I'm starting to like it over John Doe now. John Doe's young assistant chick is starting to get on my nerves, other than that the show is rather decent.

October 13, 2002

there's a bag of petridge farm cookies up there

Sopranos was great toight, although I still think the second episode was the best of this season so far. Curb Your Enthusiasm was funny as hell once again. That show just gets funnier and funnier every time I watch it. It's hard to watch and not think that it's real. Mind of the Married Man was pretty good too. Poor Mickey just digging his own grave towards the end there trying to talk his way out of why he didn't want his wife to go into the eye doctor's office. That was hilarious.