May 18, 2006

FeedBurner Stickervelopes

FeedBurnerAny time someone sends a self-addressed stamped envelope to the FeedBurner HQ at

Attn: I want FeedBurner stickers
549 W. Randolph, 6th Floor
Chicago, IL 60661
someone in the office gets to be the one that fulfills the request. Today was the first time I did one. That's right, Matt Haas of PA, you were my first. It was an honor, thank you. Oh and I have more to blog about. Lots actually and I really should do it today before I forget. And it's been like three weeks since my last post. Shame on me.

April 19, 2006

Want to Get My Appendectomy Scar Pics by Email?

Well now you can! Thanks to the magic of FeedBurner, you know that place where I work, you can now subscribe to my blog via email. Just use the little form below or on the right side any time. I should mention that I am pretty excited about the new FeedBurner Email service. Being Network Operations Manager of FeedBurner, it was my responsibility for architecting the email server cluster that is driving the mail delivery for the service, a project I've been working on for quite some time. It's great to see it finally launch and to see the response it's getting.

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January 04, 2006

New Era @ FeedBurner ;-)

Yesterday was my first day at FeedBurner. Let me know if you want stickers. So far so good. Got my new powerbook set up. The new screen rez is sweeeeet. I also took it upon myself to go ahead and burn my blog. Not much else going on. Finally got my whole toliet overflowing problem fixed... for the time being anyway. There are likely some major problems with the main-line. It's now mainly in the hands of the condo association though. They need to have a plumber cam it (run a camera through the pipes) to find the exact problem and will most likely have to tear up the concrete outside my door and replace 3 more sections of the main-line. Good times indeed!

March 28, 2003

where2getit in the sun times

My boss, Manish Patel, has been interviewed by the Chicago Sun-Times. You can read it in Thursday's paper, or online right here (archived).

February 21, 2003

i'm only 8

I love that everyone at work is on chat. Had this exchange with Hillary today when I heard her commenting on my whiney response to Margaret about something she wanted. :-)

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