Paul Baker
Chicago, IL
pbaker at

Professional Experience

Software Engineer - Google, Inc. - Chicago, IL
June 2007 - Present
Google is an American multinational public corporation invested in Internet search, cloud computing, and advertising technologies.
Network Operations Manager - FeedBurner, Inc. - Chicago, IL
January 2006 - June 2007
FeedBurner is a leading web feed management service provider launched in 2004 and acquired by Google in June 2007.
Systems Engineer - Where2GetIt, Inc. - Wheeling, IL
February 2001 - December 2005
Where2GetIt is a leading Location Based Services provider for many Fortune 500 companies and over 300 name-brands.
Web Developer and Administrator - Rotz Technology - Chicago, IL
March 2000 - December 2001
Senior Computer Technician - PC Center - Lombard, IL
December 1998 - March 2000
Project Manager and Development - Idle Communications, Inc.
April 1997 - September 1998
Information Systems Administrator - Villa Park Office Equipment
June 1996 - December 1998


UNIX System/C/C++ Programming - Illinois Institute of Technology
January 2000 - July 2000
Hands-on accelerated certificate program in the UNIX operating system that covers Shell programming, System Administration, TCP/IP and Network Administration, C Programming, Software Development Tools, C++ and Object-Oriented Programming concepts. Completed with a 4.0 GPA.

Related Skills

Operating Systems - Debian GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, UNIX, and Microsoft Windows.

Programming Languages, Frameworks, and Technologies - OO Perl, MVC, FastCGI, PHP, XML-RPC, SOAP, XML, (X)HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX/JSON, UNIX Shell Scripting, AppleScript, and Objective C.

Databases - Usage and Administration of MySQL and PostgreSQL, PostGIS/OpenGIS, RDBMS Theories and Strategies, and DBI Perl Modules.

Server Applications - Apache and Mod-SSL, LVS Load-Balancing, OpenSSH, Rsync, Subversion, CVS, Nagios Network Monitoring, Bind, Exim MTA, Courier-IMAP/POP, CUPS, and Samba.

Related Projects

Since February 2004
Warsync is an open-source cluster replication solution based on rsync over SSH with native support for Debian GNU/Linux package replication.
May 2001 - February 2004
PFARS is the precursor to Warsync.
Cyber Sports Network -
Active from June 1997 - July 1999
During its life span, the Cyber Sports Network was the definitive source for Quake related team competitions. Worked with a team of content creators to design and implement site with Apache web server on a Sun UltraSPARC Server. Designed and coded an article submission system in Perl to allow writers to easily create, post, and maintain content on the site. Implemented visitors' forum by heavily modifying the Perl WWWBOARD available from Matt's Script Archive at the time.
ClanRing's T3 Tournament -
Active from August 1997 - May 1998
Led a team of dedicated volunteers to host the largest Quake Team Competition to date. The web site featured real-time score reporting of live matches, a visitors' forum, and QuakeTV. QuakeTV allowed spectators across the world to watch the matches live over the Internet. This revolutionized competitive multiplayer online gaming. Full player, team, and match statistics were also available on the site. Designed and implemented staff only sections allowing the tournament staff to schedule match times and post final results via a web interface. Implemented with CGI/Perl on a Sun UltraSPARC Server running Apache web server.